What would you guess Walter White's IQ was?

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  • What would you guess Walter White's IQ was?


garrison | 11/08 2014 09:50
my guess would be about 155
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Anonymous40011 | 26/11 2014 10:02
165-170 I've know folks like him. He's a true genius.
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Anonymous84357 | 20/01 2017 18:01
It's not all that easy to gauge. I just had an iq test because of a head injury and hit 130-140 range. They were pretty insistent that it's down from before, guessing 140-150. BUT, while explaining results and how the tests work, people skills are a factor as well as how quickly you can manipulate the tools needed for each task. I have a disability and totally bombed the physical aspects which averaged my score down to normal range. The point is, it seems to be 3 parts averaged and his ego/people skills are so bad that he'd probably test in the 130-140 range same as me but a WAY higher average in the numbers and physical problem solving then being brought back down by his personal skill average. Jesse would be around 90 and maybe reach 100-105 range by the end. He's adaptable, a great learner and loves people. His emotional skills are an issue but with counseling could probably improve that too. Walt sees him as a weapon throughout the series which is why in season 4 Gus and Mike directly employ him. "Divide and conquer" technique which improves Jesse's feeling of being useful instead of walts emotianlly abusive tactic of keeping him inline. I feel like I've written a paper. I'll quit now because I could keep going!
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