What would you add to your ultimate hamburger?

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  • What would you add to your ultimate hamburger?


Answer #1 | 11/08 2011 09:52
Answer #2 | 11/08 2011 09:52
awesome sauce :3 hehe.. it's categorized as hamburg..
Answer #3 | 11/08 2011 09:53
By definition, adding anything to an "ultimate" hamburger would make it less than ultimate. Answer: nothing.
Answer #4 | 11/08 2011 09:54
Bacon, Cheese, A slice of pizza, Mustard, ketchup, A chicken Patty, Pickles, Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and olives.
Answer #5 | 11/08 2011 10:55
Dark Mustard and Onions :-) \\//
Answer #6 | 11/08 2011 10:01
Colgin Liquid Smoke. This is the best advice you will ever get if you wanna make a hamburger taste great. I am surprised that fast food chains aren't using it. Right now I'm eating a B.L.T. with hickory Liquid Smoke and containing fresh sliced tomato from my garden. You haven't lived until you try Liquid Smoke. ( I do not work for Liquid Smoke, but I think it is great.)

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