what would u do if....? funny HP questions?

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  • what would u do if....? funny HP questions?


Answer #1 | 11/06 2010 11:28
1) I'd hug him. I'd love to meet any HP character! 2) I'd join the cookie eating party. 3) I'd pick up my guitar and sing my self-invented Voldy song for him. 4) I'd leave him there... my bed is always occupied by my cat anyway, so... 5) I'm a girl, so that's unlikely. But if he did, well, I'd be tempted to accept just so I could see him dance.
Answer #2 | 11/06 2010 13:19
1. Dobby would ask him for swimming lessons since Dobby doesnt know how to swim 2. Dobby would stab him in the jagular with a freshly sliced orange peel. 3. Dobby would let him in. 4. Dobby doesnt have a bed. 5. Dobby would be scared.
Answer #3 | 11/06 2010 14:06
Why am I featured in most of these questions? Its not like I'm scary or anything. I'm a nice person. Since I'm in 4 questions, I will answer number 5 I would accept his offer, he's a lovely chap

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