What would be a good gift to send to an Australian?

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  • What would be a good gift to send to an Australian?


Answer #1 | 09/05 2013 21:43
Get him a rugby ball i have a friend in the same place i got him a nice one and he loved it
Answer #2 | 11/05 2013 08:27
Well, you a could somehow incorporate something from our awesome fast food "restaurants". Well, I'm Canadian, but I go to America often and Sonic is real good. :) I don't mean give him moldy old food, (not that they mold soon anyway,) but something else to see it by. Go to one of the fast food restaurants and think, you'll figure it out. Also, send him a note obviously, explaining all of the objects, where they came from, and what they mean to you if they mean anything to you. On that note. Maybe, if he is a trusted friend, give him something slightly valuable. For the packaging stuff, the stuff that goes around all of the items you put in the box, make that something creative as well. Hope this helped you think of some stuff. :)
Answer #3 | 12/05 2013 02:56
I can't speak for all aussies, but I know us aussies like "souveneer" thinks from America, ie. a mug which says "New Yorke" on it or a pencil case with a picture of america on it... lots of girls are into the fashion of wearing baggy, sleeveless t-shirts with the american flag on it. Lollies are a huge hit if they are a small brand which isn't produced world-wide..... hope this helps :)

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