What will convince atheists to abandon their wicked ways?

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  • What will convince atheists to abandon their wicked ways?


Answer #1 | 15/05 2017 23:00
Proof of your god's existence, what ever god that might be.
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Answer #2 | 15/05 2017 23:27
“What do you think, Simon? From whom do kings of the earth take toll or tribute? From their children or from others?” 26 When Peter[k] said, “From others,” Jesus said to him, “Then the children are free.
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Answer #3 | 15/05 2017 22:57
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Answer #4 | 15/05 2017 22:54
Convincing others to leave them alone, for their beliefs, may be a good start? I mean what do Christians know? Except what they are taught to believe as truth? And well, whatever they may read in How many versions of the Bible? And how many denominations, or branches of Christianity? 1 that Christ founded? 40,000 plus, and growing daily. So did Jesus even die on the cross? Well do dead men bleed when pierced in the side or anywhere? Need a beating heart for that i thought? Furthermore where was Jesus between the ages of about 9-29? Not in Israel. But on a Pilgrimage. To Egypt, Tibet, and other places. Same places he went after the alleged death on the cross. He died in Tibet and an old man at that. SO why do you believe Atheists are evil for not believing in the scriptures, you believe are truth? Hmmm? feel free to contact me and further this topic if you like? the question, sounds like it is from a TROLL. not a Christian at all, one who is to love and forgive. Where is heaven any way? Jesus said, The Kingdom of heaven is within. Be well and blessed. May be best to worry about your own belief, but ah, yes, you as a Christian, or so called , are, your brothers keeper. Blessings and safe journeys. Peace be with you.
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Answer #5 | 15/05 2017 23:11
There is nothing that can convince me to abandon my wicked ways. They are fun and very gratifying. Eat your heart out, bozo.
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Answer #6 | 15/05 2017 22:55
What will teach christians that not everybody wants or has to believe in their 'god', its like get off your high horse you pompous idiot where do you get off tellin me how to live my life you D-bag?..
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Answer #7 | 15/05 2017 23:03
Atheists are convinced to do many things with demonstrable evidence. I'll wait right here for you to get back with the evidence for any theistic religion's god claim. It doesn't have to be the Christian God, or any of the versions of God in the Abrahamic religions. Show me the proof of the Hindu deities, or the Great Spirit in Native American culture, I examine evidence of ANY god claim, and don't forget to bring the evidence that only that version of god exists or I will have to show that the evidence is just as strong for the flying spaghetti Monster. I'll be waiting.
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Answer #8 | 15/05 2017 23:21
another of gods floods??
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Answer #9 | 15/05 2017 23:43
they might begin to repent if they see someone with Faith that is not a hypocritical example devoid of really being a "christian". but thats just one type of opposition to the christian faith and the true faith hurts because of bad examples. the LDS church prophet and president has said if you know the laws than live the laws.
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Answer #10 | 15/05 2017 23:02
What will convince you to abandon yours? Jeremiah 17:9, 10
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Answer #11 | 15/05 2017 23:19
What wicked ways?
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Answer #12 | 15/05 2017 22:54
What will convince intrusive theists to mind their own business?
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Answer #13 | 15/05 2017 23:06
Wicked? Let me know how not believing in the Easter Bunny or any god is an act of wickedness..... But to end debate all that is needed if for you to demonstrate a god exists. Any one will do. Thor, Ra, Quetztlcoatl..... doesn't matter to me. Just snap a photo or record an interview.... then the debate's over and you win it.
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Answer #14 | 15/05 2017 23:18
Arrogant of you -- not to mention insulting -- to assume that all atheists have "wicked ways."
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Answer #15 | 15/05 2017 22:56
Sadly for some, nothing
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Answer #16 | 15/05 2017 23:07
I don't have any 'wicked ways'. I just get on with my life, I work, I love and support my family, I'm kind, honest and thoughtful. What 'wickedness' do you imagine I get up to?
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Answer #17 | 15/05 2017 23:17
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Answer #18 | 15/05 2017 23:35
What am I doing that's wicked? Seriously, Christians keep telling me that I'm wicked and immoral but I can't imagine what I'm doing that's so terrible.
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Answer #19 | 15/05 2017 22:51
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Answer #20 | 15/05 2017 22:50
God will. But there's a caveat. By then its way too late for them to repent. Lovin' it! Mat 13:42 And when he shall cast them into a furnace of fire, there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
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Answer #21 | 15/05 2017 23:10
I no evil schemer attitude
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Answer #22 | 15/05 2017 23:13
What wicked ways are those? And if I give up my "wicked" ways, I'll have no fun at all!
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