what was your favourite hundred in One Piece anime?

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  • what was your favourite hundred in One Piece anime?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 11:12
400's for sure!
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 02/01 2014 11:02
Episodes during 400s were the best out of every other one. Episodes 500s and 600s(so far) are the worst of all time.
Answer #3 | 02/01 2014 11:30
whichever hundred had the CP9 arc (I think its in the 300s) I actually found one piece only really got good about then. I find that's when things really started happening. before that you had like skyisland which was useless. the crocodile fight which was pretty good, but arabasta as a whole I didn't need. And all the East blue arcs were kind of boring. the thing with 500-600s is they don't have bad plots or fights however, nothing happens in every episode. Every 20 min episode has like atleast 5-7 mins of just wasted time between a long opening song, an intro, a recap and then a lot of wasted time panning along scenes.
Answer #4 | 03/01 2014 00:58
The CP9 arc. That is the arc that made me realize how much I love One Piece. It also went from being a generic anime to something very special.
Answer #5 | 03/01 2014 01:49
Very good question!!! I've never thought about grouping the series like that before. I'd say episodes 400-500 are the most consistent of all of the episodes when grouped by hundreds. I would be happy to defend that, but I don't want to ruin even a sliver of the content from those episodes. The thing about all of the previous groups of 100 episodes is that even if they have brilliant arcs marked by the most memorable moments in the series, they're always weighted down by at least 1 or 2 bad arcs which bring down the rest of the great content. You're so lucky you're just watching the series for the first time through xD I'm kind of jealous!
Answer #6 | 03/01 2014 01:48
The 0's. I liked the show best when it was just the five of them, it felt more intimate.

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