What was your beginning vegan experience?

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  • What was your beginning vegan experience?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 22:33
It was easy for me to go without eggs/milk in their raw form. But it was hard when I realised just how many products have egg or milk in them e.g. Almost every baked good. The advice I give to anyone, is to avoid the raw form as much as possible, and slowly ease into finding out what foods you can eat. If your first shop as a vegan entails reading every single ingrideitns list, then it will just stress you out. Also to be prepared. Find websites or twitter/facebook/pinterest accounts that have vegan recipes on them and get used to the type of ingredients you should be using. Before I went vegan, I had no idea how to use lentils or quinoa, but not it's an almost staple food.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 01:31
I didn't have any of the symptoms other people talk about, but I don't do all that well with legumes all the time (very sage wisdom to limit it to a cup or day), and in the first few weeks of being vegan I ate legumes every single day, which although was nothing new I ate more of them than before I went vegan. So I'd make the argument that your body won't go into shock by not eating something, but it might go into shock if you introduce new foods that you're not used to. For me I just went vegan then and there on the spot, and just ate whole foods that was all home-made, even made my own almond milk. Then I started looking around at vegan recipes, vegan products in the supermarkets and started eating a wider variety of foods that weren't all vegetables, fruits and tofu scrambles.
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 04:12
Personally I didn't have any physical changes.I haven't drank cows milk since I was in middle school,so almond milks always been in my diet.And the only problem I've had is having to home bake almost all my cakes and cookies.
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 07:57
Eventually, I just started to not like meat, so giving it up wasn't hard. Cheese was another thing. I just had to stop buying it. I never really liked drinking milk, but I used it in recipes, so I had to abstain from buying that too. But I like nuts and dates and stuff, and that's probably what provides the majority of my calories.
Answer #5 | 24/12 2013 18:06
I became vegan at an animal law conference when I learned how cows are treated in the food industry. I have been vegan 5 years and will stay vegan until the day I die.

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