what to wear to a restaurant in the evening for a birthday?

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  • what to wear to a restaurant in the evening for a birthday?


Answer #1 | 29/11 2013 08:35
Well, this is very complicated, just like my affair (alleged) with the mayor of Yolo, California. See, if you're going to a McDonald's birthday party (my personal favorite right after Taco Bell Tuesdays with the bae) just hit it up in those heels and hoops. However, if this is at a really expensive restaurant, I recommend a skirt and blouse, I mean were talking nice stuff. So if it's any level above that, a gown. But for future reference, PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC. We don't know where you're going to. McD? Sushi? Applebee's? Didn't really want to answer this, but gotta help who you gotta help on yahoo answers
Answer #2 | 29/11 2013 09:36
yea needs to be more specific
Answer #3 | 29/11 2013 09:25
Answer #4 | 29/11 2013 08:55
Answer #5 | 29/11 2013 09:42
You need to dress like any other evening out on the town. Not formal but dressy casual. A nice dress if the weather cooperates buy you need to wear something casual stylish and current.
Answer #6 | 29/11 2013 13:31
you can choose just as long as you dont look silly and the colors match
Answer #7 | 02/12 2013 06:56
Something stunning that will stand out in a crowd.
Answer #8 | 01/12 2013 12:16
Answer #9 | 30/11 2013 09:42
A nice dress and cute shoes.

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