What to do legally when tenant leaves without notice and doesn't return the keys.?

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  • What to do legally when tenant leaves without notice and doesn't return the keys.?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 19:22
It depends on your state laws. In my state, a tenenat can be considered to have abandoned a property if they are behind of the rent, the landlord can't get hold of them and reasonably believes they have left. In that case, you post a notice on the door that you consider the unit abandoned and will be entering if there is no contact within 48 hours. If they don't contact you, hire a locksmith to get in if you don't have a key, clean it up, fix anything they broke, and change the locks. Then add those costs to the back due rent and deduct any deposit. If those costs exceed the deposit, you can file in small claims court. If they do contact you but don't make payment, you can begin eviction process by issuing a 7 day Notice to Quit.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 19:40
The legal safe way is to evict them with no liability The smart way is you can send notice for inspection and enter however if they changed the lock it is a violation of the lease - typically all leases have this clause to not change locks
Answer #3 | 19/12 2013 20:54
You hire a lawyer and he start the eviction process by mail. It is highly likely that the tenant is going bankrupt which is another problem. First you need to evict the tenant, then you must follow the law about abandoned property. You have no options. You have to follow legal procedure for your state by first obtaining legal posession of the premises, have any lease agreement forfeited by the tenant and then disposing of the abandoned property. I went through the same thing with a business tenant a year ago. I first had to legally evict the tenant, then had to sell the abandoned property in a lien sale, then had make all repairs to the building and sue the tenant for those repairs and costs depending on. The money I received from the lien sale I had to crdit back to the lessee/tenant. the lease agreement. This link provided me information I needed to deal with the abandoned property, but every state has its own requirements.
Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 03:36
You sue him for last month's rent and then rent beyond that month until he returns the keys.....OR you wiat until lease is up and change locks AT HIS EXPENSE. Sue him for all costs (rent, locks, cleaning, etc). To enter, post 24 hour notice of intent to enter and then do so.

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