What things give you a good sense of nostalgia?

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  • What things give you a good sense of nostalgia?


Answer #1 | 31/12 2013 04:58
Certain songs and scents
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 31/12 2013 05:01
Seeing an old friend you hadn't seen in a while or in my case when i saw the toys i hadn't played with in 5 years, it made me happy seeing them and remembering all the good, goofy and careless times :) P.s. I hope you have a great new years eve.
Answer #3 | 31/12 2013 04:59
sniffing freshly ground coffee beans
Answer #4 | 31/12 2013 04:59
Songs and old neighorhood as well as old friends.
Answer #5 | 31/12 2013 05:04
I would say old music but, the formal definition of nostalgia is kind of strong, and being as I never really grew up in the eras of people like Elton John ,m Aerosmith, John Lennon,or Neil Diamond.... I believe a better word is curiosity, as to what it would have been like. I guess I can't say I am ever very nostalgic, as in having "bitersweet longing for things of the past"

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