What the F@ck is Sasuke's problem...?

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  • What the F@ck is Sasuke's problem...?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 17:47
Fighting Dreamers, hands down best intro song ever. Anyway, wayyyy before that, he is bitten by Orochimaru and gets the curse mark. If you remember, It gets sealed but not removed by Kakashi and Orochimaru comes and speaks to Kakashi after he seals it and tells him that Sasuke will come to him and will want his power. Basically Sasuke keeps seeing Naruto grow and get stronger then him and it agitates him. Naruto defeats Garaa and saves sakura in the process while sasuke could barely move and do anything to help. Later down the track Sasuke finally meets Itachi again after years and he challenges him. (This is after Kakashi has taught him the Chidori (lighting blade)) but itachi beats the **** out of him and it makes Sasuke heaps mad. Naruto goes to talk to Sasuke and Sasuke challenges him. (This is after Naruto has learned the 4th hokages jutsu the rasengan) and they are about to exchange blows using their main jutsu and kakashi stops them and throws them into water tanks and tells them to knock it off. Naruto only makes a small dent where sasuke makes a big one so sasuke thinks he was stronger but naruto's actually exploded on the other side where sasuke's didn't so it makes him more angry. Hopefully you can understand what i am saying. After that Orochimaru's goon squad comes and takes him to orochimaru's hideout but on the way they perform something like a ritual which makes him be able to get his curse mark to what is the "2nd level" which makes him more powerful. Naruto tries to convince him to come back and they have a sick battle but sasuke wins and he goes to orochimarus. The only reason sasuke is doing this is because he wants more power to defeat itachi. He trains with Orochimaru and gets heaps powerful and then kills Orochimaru when he is at his weakest. (Orochimaru steals people's bodies so that he can live on forever but they kind of degrade eventually so he needs new ones). So sasuke waited until Orochimaru was weak and killed him and left with 3 other people. He then tries to find Itachi to kills him and joins the Akatsuki who are basically the #1 enemy group. Basically he gets drunk on power so that he can kill Itachi, it's all so that he can kill Itachi. He ends up killing him and finding out about what really happened with Itachi. Skip heaps far and you'll get to the war, so there's the ninja war where Kabuto used the reanimation jutsu and brang strong ninja's back to life (itachi being one.) and they talk and both go and fight Kabuto and they defeat kabuto and itachi tells sasuke about the uchiha's past. Sasuke from then on sort of goes back to being good. (DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE MANGA AND DON'T WANT IT SPOILED) Sasuke brings Orochimaru back to life and Orochimaru brings the 4 previous Kage back to life, 1st hokage tells sasuke about the history of the leaf and 3rd tells him about what happened with itachi. Sasuke basically becomes good again, they all go join in the war and sasuke tells everyone he is back and wanting to become Hokage which shocks everyone. (Especially Naruto). So yeah.. That's what happened. You can read it here; And watch it here; Naruto: (Subbed) (Dubbed) Naruto Shippuden: (Subbed) (Dubbed)
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 17:53
Long story short, Sasuke went bad, killed Itachi, found out Itachi was actually good which made Sasuke even badder, but Itachi came back from the dead and tried to talk some sense into him so now he's in between bad and good.
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