What should I do now?

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  • What should I do now?


Answer #1 | 07/04 2009 09:39
try not to panic. that kind of thing can be stress induced. if you miss a few more mental cycles, though, call your doctor. unless you're the age where your mother started missing her mental cycles, as well. in that case, it's totally normal. just get used to not having them anymore.
Answer #2 | 07/04 2009 09:44
We're supposed to have one of those??!!
Answer #3 | 07/04 2009 09:53
Eat an entire Chocolate Marble Cheesecake...that'll get you back on track!
Answer #4 | 07/04 2009 09:59
Here, I'll give you one of mine.....I have a few that are driving me Nucking Futs right joke....I'm about to go awol!
Answer #5 | 07/04 2009 10:41
When my gets "her menstrual cycle", she try's running me over with it! I use the 4X4 to avoid injury!
Answer #6 | 07/04 2009 10:04
Only once??? Lucky you! I'm with Hearts... hit the chocolate!

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