What should I do after a sharp bone poked my mouth at a restaurant?

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  • What should I do after a sharp bone poked my mouth at a restaurant?


Answer #1 | 15/09 2013 15:43
I would have complained but not sure what good that would do but at least you would not wonder whether you did the right thing.
Answer #2 | 15/09 2013 16:13
I would have definitely said something. You could have swallowed it and that wouldn't of been good. It could of also been in other people's dishes that was made with yours. I ate at ruby Tuesday once and there was a sharp piece of broken plastic in my baked potato. I complained and they gave me a new one and took my meal of the bill.
Answer #3 | 16/09 2013 15:53
It's always best to bring it to the attention of the manager. They need to know so they can inspect the food to see if more bones are present. They may also need to make an incident report as to what happened. They may be able to find out where the food was processed or who did the processing. This ALL makes it safer & better for their customers. It also makes them aware of a possible problem & gives them an opportunity to try to make it right for you. The most common action would be to take your dinner off the bill. BUT remember, it's their decision. If you act freaked out & outrages, you'll overplay your hand. Don't make demands or start making a scene. Simply tell the manager and show any damage, cut, poke, etc.. If you don't lose your cool, they will be much more likely to do ALL they are able to make you happy. Things like this ARE going to happen with every business, the unexpected. It doesn't take much intelligence to figure out that a great customer, is one you want to keep. You'll do most anything to keep that customer. The one who over-reacts, yells, cusses, threatens a law suit, says they're going to tell everyone they know what a bad place this is, is probably a lost cause or trying to get more out of you than they deserve. Red flags always go up with a customer who over-reacts. Their credibility goes WAY DOWN.

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