What should be packed inside an emergency survival kit?

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  • What should be packed inside an emergency survival kit?


Answer #1 | 24/05 2014 00:37
If you raised your hand and took the oath plus signed on the dotted line you are in.. but if you did not do the oath there might be a hardship clause.
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Answer #2 | 24/05 2014 08:02
because you touch yourself at night
Answer #3 | 24/05 2014 08:33
And if the USA invaded Bermuda, do you suppose it would be wise and strong of Russia to get involved? For pete's sake, it would be idiotic to get ourselves involved in Russia's backyard.
Answer #4 | 24/05 2014 09:36
There is no reason to send military into Ukraine. We have sent NATO into nearby countries and military fighters. Ukraine wants military equipment not troops. Do you want the U.S. to be involved in another war? Besides, do you support Ukraine's fascist regime in the civil war to kill Russian speaking Ukrainians?
Answer #5 | 24/05 2014 08:02
War is not winning in this case.
Answer #6 | 24/05 2014 08:14
Show how that wouldn't start WWIII.
Answer #7 | 23/07 2014 13:50
a knife (often a Swiss army knife or a multi-tool), matches, tinder, first aid kit, bandana, fish hooks, sewing kit, and a flashlight.
Answer #8 | 24/07 2014 07:20
You need enough of the following to last you and your family for three or more days.. enough water to drink, cook & sanitize with, non perishable foods & can opener, any medications, toilet paper, plastic and rubbish bags, first aid kits, candles, matches & lighters, flashlights, battery powered radio to stay in contact with whats happening, batteries to last, gas cooker with enough gas canisters. You should also have a smaller emergency kit ready incase you and your family have to go, backpacks for each person should be packed along with good durable boots or shoes, warm clothes, sleeping bag, passports and identification, photos of family members incase they cannot be found, and any of the top list which can appropriately fit but is vital for your survival. You should also practice with your family incase of a natural disaster where you will all meet and what to do..***:D
Answer #9 | 24/05 2014 07:50
see the following please...
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Answer #10 | 24/05 2014 08:10
Obama is weak because he, along with most Americans, does not believe it is okay or at all necessary to expend the lives of American soldiers in a conflict which the United States has not business intervening in? Edit: Putin is not owning Obama at anything. Putin is creating a hellish reputation for himself, which no one but his people and warmongers such as yourself are impressed by.
Answer #11 | 23/07 2014 13:48
Lots of condoms. Just in case.
Answer #12 | 24/05 2014 01:20
Maybe it's a tye? The construction worker may be physically tired, while the engineer may bementally tired.
Answer #13 | 24/05 2014 04:07
With work days are not alike. Some days, the construction worker is more tired. Some others, the engineer is more tired.
Answer #14 | 24/05 2014 04:30
i agree with rock
Answer #15 | 24/05 2014 00:48
Until you start active duty, you can still leave
Answer #16 | 24/05 2014 04:17
You can just quit Nothing will happen if you leave But dont expect to go back in there is a better process of Quiting than just not showing up I Would highly recommend reading this link posted as a source down below.
Answer #17 | 24/05 2014 08:08
Obongo is cleary not smart enough to understand how brilliant it would be to start a new war with Russia, even if most Americans can't find Ukraine on a map and America has no security interest in the matter.
Answer #18 | 24/05 2014 08:03
Probably has something to do with Obama telling Putin that he would be more open after the election. Wouldn't surprise me if he was in cahoots we it Putin.
Answer #19 | 24/05 2014 08:10
i would like a war

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