What should a stay at home mom with one 4yo child be responsible for doing in the home?

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  • What should a stay at home mom with one 4yo child be responsible for doing in the home?


Answer #1 | 19/04 2017 18:58
A stay at home Mom would be responsible for all the cleaning, laundry and cooking the household requires. It's important to teach your 4 year old how to play by themselves for periods otherwise the 4 year old will train you to entertain them all day. Some people can do it others can't or won't.
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Answer #2 | 23/04 2017 00:23
The up-keep of the home, meals, laundry, and the child.
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Answer #3 | 18/04 2017 22:51
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Answer #4 | 18/04 2017 19:21
What ever needs to be done. If you are opting to stay at home while your spouse works, then it falls to you to do what ever needs to be done in the home to keep it running. If you were working as well as your spouse then the household chores could be divided up between the two of you; but if you are choosing to stay home instead, and let your spouse be the bread winner then you should be taking care of the majority of the upkeep. There may be some things that your spouse may want to do, such as be a part of the child's night time routine, just to have some daily time with the child, but your spouse should not be coming home after working and be expected to do the things you should have done during the day. This may sound old fashioned, but it is true.
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Answer #5 | 19/04 2017 02:40
Weaving her own cloth to make clothing. Growing her own food to eat. Be responsible for keeping all machinery well oiled and maintained. Cooking, cleaning, scrubbing and roof maintenance. And on the two days a week that SHE gets off... her husband ought to fill in for her on her "stay at home" job. Cause it's a delight and easy and he's a family man after all who ought to love being with his child and taking care of them.
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Answer #6 | 18/04 2017 19:18
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Answer #7 | 18/04 2017 19:34
Everything but yard work.
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Answer #8 | 19/04 2017 02:44
if the other partner is making all the money, the stay at home parent should be able to handle the child, cooking cleaning, shopping,
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