What settings can I run FSX on?

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  • What settings can I run FSX on?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 16:59
FSX is a strange game. it can be run on very very low settings on older computers but it doesnt look very good. the settings however also let it look absolutely amazing but at the same time it can be very demanding. the true beauty of a game like this is that you can change many settings to get it to run however you want. there are numerous settings in FSX that can be optimized. things like anti clouds and traffic have a high resource cost with very little return in graphics. lowering them or even turning them off can free up resources for other settings. the same goes with water effects and advanced animations. the FSX community is very large and very knowledgeable, far more than I am. they have made some great posts on how to optimize your system. here is one that I found that many people even from different forums seem to agree is very good. you are far better off looking on google and flight simulator forums for good settings. don't be mad if you can't get maximum settings because even top of the line, new computers can have issues running the extensive graphics that FSX can provide.

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