What's your favorite supplement? Biotin, B complex, opinions!?

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  • What's your favorite supplement? Biotin, B complex, opinions!?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 13:04
Um, I don't take any vitamins as of now. But I feel like you can answer my questions. What's a good affordable Multivitamin for men? I workout frequently (1.5 yr novice). I'm also 5'4" @ age 19. I'm hoping these vitamins will miracously help me grow, haha. The one I am currently Looking at is Now Adams Multivitamin: [email protected]
Answer #2 | 21/12 2013 15:31
the only way to do nutrition is scientifically. fads, etc, are dangerous. hair growing/patches are quackery. Use only scientifically sound sources: . , , , , . Healthy Youth Program; . Google Daily Value and Recommended Daily Allowance. In the US, only buy/use supplements like minerals and vits that have the letters USP on the label or container. . This non-profit organization [google] ensures accurate labels. USP certified supps are made by many brands and are widely avail @ CVS, Rite Aid, etc, & many super markets. .x "Most dietary supplement makers—as many as 80 percent—are medium and small businesses. . “Some of them haven’t developed methods that make them compliant with the rules on good manufacturing practices. . “Additionally, other firms have deliberately misled consumers about the ingredients in their products."

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