What's the most difficult part about travel?

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  • What's the most difficult part about travel?


Answer #1 | 16/09 2011 11:18
The most difficult part about travel is to accept service that is well below what you expected. It is about having to pay more than you thought for everything, it is about eating bad food and drinking bad water, it is about putting up with irritating fellow travellers and it is about forcing yourself to enjoy what is obviously a bad experience in your life. And to cap it all you have to do it with a smile and pretend that you are having a great time because if you complain even a little bit, people will regard you as a selfish unrealistic whinger. The best thing however is boasting to your friends and work colleagues back home about what a great holiday you had just to make them feel envious and to pretend that you had such a fantastic time that you will want to go on 3 more holidays during the rest of the year!
Answer #2 | 16/09 2011 11:46
Traveling by air and that's the reason that I travel by car and don't make any trips overseas!! :-) \\//
Answer #3 | 16/09 2011 12:58
Evidently the most difficult part is finding the right category to post one's question in.
Answer #4 | 22/09 2011 20:56
Dealing with airlines.

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