What’s the best piece of advice that your mother gave you?

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  • What’s the best piece of advice that your mother gave you?


Answer #1 | 12/01 2017 01:18
it's your life take good decisions
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 11/01 2017 17:33
To not worry too much about anything. Everything will fall in place eventually and if it doesn't fall the way you want it to, there isn't much to do about it anyway.
Answer #3 | 11/01 2017 17:32
Dont spend money. Sacrifice. Try to make do with what you have. Look for a free alternative to spending money.
Answer #4 | 11/01 2017 17:36
Trust, is earned..those that can be,have no issues in proving their thought,word..& deed.~*
Answer #5 | 11/01 2017 17:37
If you don't know what they're saying...don't say "yes" to them! lol
Answer #6 | 11/01 2017 17:29
None really. My mother is a great woman and I love her, but everything I have learned from her, I have learned from her mistakes.
Answer #7 | 11/01 2017 17:32
The best advice my mother ever gave me was to never wish my life away.
Answer #8 | 11/01 2017 17:37
Always have your own money. Never become financially dependent on anyone else.
Answer #9 | 12/01 2017 04:01
Answer #10 | 16/01 2017 09:53
"Always follow your heart, if it happens you get into trouble along the way I will always be there for you! Be sensible and always smile at everyone you see, never think you are better than anyone, or be mean to anyone, they could end up being an influence in your life! Always listen to what people have to say! Always hold the door open for someone, it's the little things you do that count!" My Mom's the greatest!
Answer #11 | 12/01 2017 03:30
Always treat people the way you would want to be treated, regardless of how they treat you. Be love and be kind to everyone,
Answer #12 | 11/01 2017 17:29
everything - a mothers advise is usually worry , which equates to caring
Answer #13 | 11/01 2017 17:29

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