What's the best cast you've ever seen in a movie?

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  • What's the best cast you've ever seen in a movie?


Answer #1 | 02/04 2017 07:36
Answer #2 | 21/04 2017 11:01
Answer #3 | 13/04 2017 02:05
the man who shot liberty valance jimmy stewart john wayne lee marvin vera miles edmond o'brien john carradine woody strode lee van cleef andy devine denver pyle strother martin
Answer #4 | 10/04 2017 06:36
Well, I have to go back to one of my favorite classics for that. Dinner at Eight (33) dir. George Cukor. It had a large ensemble cast including Jean Harlow, Marie Dressler, two of the Barrymores (John and Lionel), Edmond Lowe and Billy Burke.
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Answer #5 | 07/04 2017 20:38
Dauntaun Garuza
Answer #6 | 09/04 2017 05:45
Answer #7 | 22/04 2017 23:25
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Answer #8 | 02/04 2017 22:24
. nothing better than Glen garry, glenn ross, written by david mamet, pulitizer prize for his stage work, kevin spacey allan arkin, al pacino, alec baldwin, jack lemmon
Answer #9 | 02/04 2017 07:29
Almost Christmas
Answer #10 | 02/04 2017 08:32
Lord of The Rings trilogy, All the Harry Potter movies, Star Wars Episodes 4-6!
Answer #11 | 02/04 2017 07:28
I've been ranting and raving about "Logan" all month. It's so awesome when they choose a person who looks like the person they're supposed to be related to, i.e. Logan and his daughter in this case. If they don't resemble each other I just can't take a movie seriously no matter what. I remember on Tomb Raider they put Angelina Jolie's real dad in the movie. That was cool. "Logan," starring two actors that really put everything into their roles wherever they're cast (Jackman, Stewart) is one I'll remember. I guess Inception is another movie with many great actors and actresses.
Answer #12 | 02/04 2017 07:27
Movie 43. And it goes to show you can cast the best actors and actresses out there and still end up with a complete disaster.
Answer #13 | 03/04 2017 07:15
LOVED star wars force awakens (combing the new generation with the original was amazing to see!) -american sniper (clint eastwood as director, bradley cooper, sienna miller!) -the dark knight
Answer #14 | 03/04 2017 14:39
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Jimmy Stewart John Wayne Lee Marvin Vera Miles Edmond O'Brien John Carradine Woody Strode Lee Van Cleef Andy Devine Denver Pyle Strother Martin
Answer #15 | 07/04 2017 08:48
Pulp Fiction
Answer #16 | 06/04 2017 10:56
Answer #17 | 02/04 2017 10:54
Platoon best cast ever
Answer #18 | 08/04 2017 01:08
Answer #19 | 02/04 2017 16:16
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Answer #22 | 02/04 2017 16:31
Check out the website which concentrates on the actors and their ability. What is quite amazing is that there are many actors who make mediocre films and never really shine but sometimes in the hands of a great Director they suddenly look like the finest actors in the world. Tom Berenger has made some terrible films but check out Someone to watch Over Me and he looks like an Oscar winner. Best cast ? Godfather --hands down.
Answer #23 | 02/04 2017 17:26
Key largo.
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Answer #24 | 04/04 2017 11:29
Heat. Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Natalie Portman, John Voight, Tom Sizemore, Val Kilmer.
Answer #25 | 06/04 2017 03:23
Answer #26 | 04/04 2017 07:18
THE LONGEST DAY anyone who was anyone in Hollywood, Great Britain and Germany appeared in this epic movie about the Normandy Invasion.
Answer #27 | 03/04 2017 06:22
Answer #28 | 02/04 2017 22:44
Dark Victory.
Answer #29 | 03/04 2017 04:15

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