What's meaning of adjective ?

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  • What's meaning of adjective ?


Answer #1 | 10/02 2014 06:03
An adjective describes a noun eg A happy baby, a sad occasion.
Answer #2 | 10/02 2014 05:39
Definition adjective word or phrase naming an attribute, added to a noun to describe the thing more fully (see Oxford Concise Dictiionary) You could use Google or Wikipaedia or for a fuller explanation.
Answer #3 | 10/02 2014 05:37
A descriptive word to another noun. For example: a DIFFICULT test. A RED door. A FOUL smell. A LONG prison sentence.
Answer #4 | 10/02 2014 07:11
Adjectives describe things (nouns) Exmple He had a red nose (red is the adjective) You live in a small house (small) Adverb describes a verb - in case you'd like to know. Verb : To run He ran quickly down the road (quickly is the adverb) He swims slowly (slowly) Hope you understand Mo Eng tutor

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