What's energy distribution?

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  • What's energy distribution?


Answer #1 | 10/12 2013 07:55
It's how energy is distributed around the house
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Answer #2 | 11/12 2013 10:09
Usually, it refers to the transfer of energy from the point of extraction or generation to the end user.
Answer #3 | 13/12 2013 14:07
Its how the power gets from the power station to your house. Usually the generated power is transformed to a higher voltage at the power station to minimise transmission losses. There is a national grid of pylons carrying high tension conductors to carry the power to a sub station which transforms it back down for local distribution. A local sub station transforms the voltage down to domestic 240v where overground or underground cables bring power to the consumer unit in your house. Although power cannot be stored directly there are a few fast start power stations connected to top up the grid. These pump water to a high level during quiet periods and reuse the water to generate power to cover spikes in the load. These can run up from standby to full power in around 4 seconds. Conventional power stations provide the main base load to the grid.

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