What's better ps4 or xbox one?

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  • What's better ps4 or xbox one?


Answer #1 | 13/02 2014 06:35
Ps4 i refuse to pay for online service. Ps network is just as good as Xbox if not better.
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Answer #2 | 13/02 2014 15:11
There is no "better." It's whichever works better for you. In terms of hardware, from what I've heard, both are evenly matched right now. However, the PS4 is built to last longer, whereas the Xbox One is built to be extremely powerful now. Keep in mind that the NSA is collecting all data they can from everyone, and the Xbox One's kinect camera is mandatory at startup. Not a conspiracy theory. The Xbox One supports external storage, whereas the PS4 does not. If you were to force me to get one now, I'd get a PS4. However, I'm a Halo nerd and won't be getting either one until the next Halo game is released, so I'll eventually get an Xbox One. Even though that contradicts the first thing I said.
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Answer #3 | 13/02 2014 06:41
depends on the games u like
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Answer #4 | 15/02 2014 06:47
PC is master race. :3 tee-hee
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Answer #5 | 13/02 2014 06:23
Xbox 1
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Answer #6 | 13/02 2014 11:58
Ps4 is better. Sold my xbox for a ps4 and do not miss the bone at all. The ps4 games are native 1080p. The bone games are 720p. They really should have called it the xbox 720. Because that's the only resolution the xbox can handle on most games.
Answer #7 | 14/02 2014 00:27
It doesn't matter what other people think it's what you play more do you like the ps3 or xbox360 I like neither but you mike like one so it's really like you like not what others like
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