what provisions do we need for our trip to Greece?

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  • what provisions do we need for our trip to Greece?


Answer #1 | 26/10 2010 06:27
If you should happen to be a lover of MARMITE, I strongly suggest you take a few jars with you. You are not likely to find this in Greece. ;-))
Answer #2 | 26/10 2010 07:09
Umm....Luke? You forgot to list who you were taking. You need a list of half-bloods and are you taking gods? What about Rachael?
Answer #3 | 26/10 2010 06:27
loony question! ask the local travel store - or travel agent!
Answer #4 | 26/10 2010 08:21
I think everything has been covered above me. Emphasis on all our weapons and such, actually, you might want to bring more. The Romans could very well be following you, plus Greece is usually swarming with all kinds of beasts, at least the last time I was there it was. Beasts like you've never seen before! After all, it is their homeland. (somewhat). Other than that, earplugs aren't necessary, my father isn't *that* bad. I think that will be enough sunscreen, don't worry. Aw, I wish I could come with you guys, but oh well. Good luck and be safe everyone :)
Answer #5 | 26/10 2010 10:34
Some of us do wash! I am in water right now but lucky for me I can keep dry Can we have some magazines on board? Godly weekly? Olympus Express Mail, Hermes hourly?
Answer #6 | 27/10 2010 04:13
Piper cleaners :D cant stand being without them
Answer #7 | 26/10 2010 17:19
Hairbrushes and Combs Mr Castellan. I will not tolerate messy hair

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