What philosphical insights go through your heart and mind in the last days of 2013?

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  • What philosphical insights go through your heart and mind in the last days of 2013?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 03:24
One more calendar year has gone quickly.
Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 04:56
That life is getting closer to an end (Nine more years) beginning of the end... 2022 Time is flying like no body's business How fast 2014 will go If we are here for a purpose, it is getting imminently close...
Answer #3 | 30/12 2013 05:09
sometimes, pain doesn't really kill you. it could you make you stronger. it depends on how you handle it. life is like a stage. actors would come and go, teaching you a lesson. every bit counts. doesn't mean no one is perfect, doesn't can't improve yourself. God is there. just hang on.
Answer #4 | 30/12 2013 04:52
Happiness is unique to each person. Happiness of others is private. Happiness is mine to promote.
Answer #5 | 30/12 2013 04:21
i hate myself for being this,that and that and etc. I want to change myself but sadly i cant.
Answer #6 | 30/12 2013 03:25
* It could have been a lot better but sometimes, this is the best it's going to get. * You've got to let go of certain things (and people) if you want to welcome new experiences and realize long-pending goals. * No matter how hard you try, some people just won't change. Moving away gives you both time to reflect. It's also good for your sanity.
Answer #7 | 30/12 2013 03:37
Read most any of the questions posted either side of yours and you will discover them.
Answer #8 | 30/12 2013 03:53
Been selfish worry and forgetting the beauty and simplicity of my own little life here on earth.
Answer #9 | 30/12 2013 05:18
There is nothing special in time and year and days and nights, but how we have accepted the ways around
Answer #10 | 30/12 2013 06:20
My heart shudders at the reflections related to the refraction's related to the intrinsic reactions of the extrinsic reality of our world and the human situation becoming more and more as it is in this modern day. It also dances with joy at the reflections caused by our modern technologies and the hope they bring. In the end my heart is pretty much like anyone's.
Answer #11 | 31/12 2013 02:18
The latest one I had last night........ being completely unselfish is not only unnatural but also unwise since Law of Nature doesn't allow us to sustain anything unnatural for long!!...... and the writ is no different whatever with the opposite as well, that is, with being totally selfish!!
Answer #12 | 01/01 2014 01:34
idk but rather not to scratch that much that you might fall accidentally
Answer #13 | 30/12 2013 18:21
''At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1862, the new year was ushered in and at 12:01 a.m., on January 1, 1863: ALL SLAVES IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES WERE DECLARED LEGALLY FREE. Many of you who live or grew up in Black communities in the United States have probably heard of "Watch Night Services," the gathering of the faithful in churches on New Year's Eve. But are you aware of its history? The service usually begins anywhere from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and ends at midnight with the entrance of the new year.''
Answer #14 | 30/12 2013 16:59
Out with the old, and in with the new. 2013 wasn't a good year.. at all.
Answer #15 | 30/12 2013 06:40
I don't want the year to change oh no I can't stop it so I'm going to have to live threw 2014 even though I want it to be 2013.......God said the world will only get worse...
Answer #16 | 30/12 2013 07:37
The same as it was in the beginning of 2013;
Answer #17 | 30/12 2013 08:10
I see it is important to be true. To make the best of the moments in life. And I am also wondering why I fail to be the best I can be? What do I feel chained?

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