What must I do to make you my copy?

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  • What must I do to make you my copy?


Answer #1 | 26/01 2017 03:55
True copies are a pain.... never true enough......Don't do anything that you are bound to regret later.
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Answer #2 | 26/01 2017 15:38
I am no one's copy.
Positive: 70 %
Answer #3 | 26/01 2017 07:15
Make me your copy? Doesn't this sound better?
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Answer #4 | 26/01 2017 02:51
You mean like a clone or a double? Similar looks.
Positive: 58.333333333333 %
Answer #5 | 26/01 2017 02:50
I DoN't A-know.
Positive: 60 %
Answer #6 | 26/01 2017 02:51
Press copy
Positive: 50 %
Answer #7 | 26/01 2017 02:43
Minutes after I came back to earth, I realized that the purpose for human existence was to love. Love is our higher purpose. I now understood that the ego I had developed my entire life was an illusion all along. Our egos push us away from our ability to feel compassion towards others. As your ego fades away, you slowly dissolve into pure unadulterated LOVE. The illusion of separation created by our egos has been the root cause of suffering all across our planet, and sadly this is the reason the majority of the world kills each other for absurd purposes like religion and resources. Religions like Christianity hide behind the idea that there is an afterlife because they are afraid of death. There is nothing to fear, because when you die there is no “you” to fear anything. THE ONLY THING THAT SEPARATES US FROM OTHER FORMS OF LIFE IS OUR ABILITY TO THINK. Our ego is composed of our thoughts. When we stop relying on our ego, we cannot experience negative emotions. When we stop thinking, our ego ceases to exist, and then we can live a life of pure love, peace, and prosperity. The more we rely on our ego, the more we push ourselves away from the moment which is all. Nothing outside the moment we are in right now will ever exist. Yesterday never is, and tomorrow will never be. Time is infinite. The past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously. We are merely observers. Free will is an illusion.
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Answer #8 | 26/01 2017 03:01
stay beautifull doll
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Answer #9 | 26/01 2017 07:00
1) Yes. Wherever there is a critical problem like this, if you have such will-power, you will get a good solution for it. 2) Make a Xerox copy of my photo and keep it in your pocket always.
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Answer #10 | 26/01 2017 16:48
Sit me on the Xerox and press the button (it's not a pretty sight though!!!!)
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