What makes autistic people different from others?

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  • What makes autistic people different from others?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 20:21
Usually with autism, it's a lot of the symptoms and it can make socialization and life more challanging mentally than usual. I have Asbergers, which is a branch off Autism, and I have sensitivity problems (pain, sight, touch and sound are all affected), I find it extremely hard to socialize with people within my age, I have an over-active imagination due to hightened creativity and the Asbergers and the way I am as a person has caused severe lonliness for me. Being a girl, I can hide autism better than boys, it's why so many females can go into adulthood undiagnosed. My parents have what you could call "aspects" of Asbergers, but none of them ACTUALLY have it. Pople can dislike a certain fabric, or hate one noise in particular, but that doesn't mean they have a mental disorder. For example, someone might hate the sound of radio static, and that's it. Due to sensitivity problems from Autism/Asbergers, my sensitivity to sound has branched off into a seperate yet inter-locking disorder, Misophonia/4s/SSSS. Hearing people eat, repetetive sounds, radio static, cutlery on plates and more noises can make me feel sick, panicky, depressed or even want to hit someone. Autis is many symptoms in one, creating a negative affect to the way they live. Every person with Autism or a form of Autism are different though, not everyone has the same symptom Best answer please?

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