What laws allow Employer to Garnish 138.00 a month.?

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  • What laws allow Employer to Garnish 138.00 a month.?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 17:10
Several state and federal laws. Bust most especially the order the employer received from the agency that enforces child support in your state. (the AG office in Texas). The reason the order you receive says 0.00 is because the employer is deducting it and paying it for you. OR Your state is showing 0.00 for current and the $50k is being paid out as arrears.
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 17:38
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Answer #3 | 24/07 2014 08:13
In the state of Texas your wages may be garnished only for child support, taxes and student loans. You will see on the bill: PP1: 0.00 PP2: the amount ordered. PP1 is current support, PP2 is arrears. This will be enforced until it is paid, even extending beyond your death if necessary. There clearly is a court order. Just bc your children grew up, parties moved, etc., that has zero effect on the order. Given that Texas charges interest at 6% per annum on arrears, at $50,000 you are accruing interest at $250 per month. Payment of $138 per month means you will never pay down the principle.

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