What kind of red parka jacket does DI Mared Rhys wear in the new Welsh crime programme on BBC right now?

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  • What kind of red parka jacket does DI Mared Rhys wear in the new Welsh crime programme on BBC right now?


Anonymous158899 | 17/04 2019 17:06
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Anonymous892381 | 15/02 2019 16:09
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Anonymous274493 | 10/04 2019 08:23
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Anonymous400004 | 10/05 2019 13:30
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Anonymous966047 | 28/03 2019 01:41
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Anonymous321173 | 21/04 2019 16:13
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Answer #9 | 16/01 2014 02:40
Hi Claire, My wife sent me on the same mission. I think it is a Parajumpers Kodiak coat. It's not available on Parajumpers website, so it maybe 2012/13 collection.. It shows it as £710, probably RRP. Hope this helps.. There is a site in UK, same price though.
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Anonymous853537 | 16/02 2019 15:08
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Anonymous779384 | 16/02 2019 19:10
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Anonymous660995 | 16/02 2019 11:44
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Anonymous773413 | 02/05 2019 01:57
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Anonymous712241 | 29/03 2019 13:19
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Anonymous950771 | 28/04 2019 01:36
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Anonymous572841 | 20/04 2019 04:46
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Anonymous822622 | 11/05 2019 19:15
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Anonymous152483 | 29/04 2019 18:12
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Anonymous927029 | 28/03 2019 19:44
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Anonymous43192 | 30/03 2019 11:32
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Anonymous249327 | 13/11 2019 02:00
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Anonymous366609 | 16/04 2019 23:24
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Anonymous91103 | 20/04 2019 18:35
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Anonymous270534 | 07/12 2019 18:09
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Anonymous34583 | 15/10 2019 01:37
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Anonymous703009 | 16/04 2019 05:13
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Anonymous326043 | 30/12 2018 03:18
Deca Durabolin Kick In You might want to check into trustworthy purchase administration software when you are contemplating investing in stocks. Instead of using risks or relying a brokerage, these software applications can teach you the ins and outs of investing, guaranteeing you can expect to make the most efficient choices. Some of these programs even enable you to track developments. Anadrol Peak Week Make sure that every single customer that orders by you features a reason to buy on your part yet again. Put in a thank you discount by using a low cost for future buys. Offer an motivation for referring their close friends for you by offering free or lowered services. Build devotion along with your buyers and they will keep with you. Winstrol Y Sustanon Since you want to ensure that your content are very well written, if you are not just a very good writer, you should look into hiring somebody who could publish content to suit your needs. You should have articles that are witty nevertheless helpful to be able to help keep prospective customers attention as well as a specialist writer could accomplish this for you. Sustanon 250 Lump
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Anonymous762539 | 28/11 2019 12:36
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Anonymous799519 | 22/11 2019 15:21
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Anonymous795671 | 13/10 2019 10:56
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Anonymous495975 | 14/10 2019 13:32
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