what is your opinion about IRAN?

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  • what is your opinion about IRAN?


Answer #1 | 25/05 2006 12:46
nuke em!
Answer #2 | 25/05 2006 12:47
no opinion, never been there
Answer #3 | 25/05 2006 12:47
It is a good country to do business with
Answer #4 | 25/05 2006 12:46
beautiful country and by being in Iraq, we have given the prime minister fuel to work with in his anti-american rhetoric
Answer #5 | 25/05 2006 12:46
i have no problem with sure the republiCANTs do...too many brown people i bet.
Answer #6 | 25/05 2006 12:47
they better slow thier roll
Answer #7 | 25/05 2006 12:48
I want to take a dump on them.
Answer #8 | 25/05 2006 14:52
Mahdi hi whats up! You remember me emily ayala! Haven't been able to chat lately! Talk to you later.
Answer #9 | 25/05 2006 12:59
As for the country itself, I have no opinion of Iran, I have never been there and can therefore, not form an opinion on the country itself. I will however, hazard a guess that like many countries attracting controversy at the moment, it is not the country or the people who dwell within her that create the controversy but rather the few despotic persons that control the country and those that immediately support them by way of terror, violence and other forms of oppression. As for their nuclear capability, it has been said that they only wish to procure said ability to use as a method of bullying lesser nations into giving them what they want. Whether or not this is the case, I feel that the risk of allowing a nation with a history of despotism and of open hatred toward other nations the ability to conduct nuclear strikes against those nations far outweighs any need they might have for using nuclear power to provide energy.
Answer #10 | 25/05 2006 12:52
they are a soverign nation
Answer #11 | 25/05 2006 12:49
Buy the land & add a star to our flag!
Answer #12 | 25/05 2006 12:51
nuke the lot

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