What is your idea about Islam ?

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  • What is your idea about Islam ?


Answer #1 | 19/01 2014 13:20
Proof that Islam is the only true religion: Religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, prophets and people who submit to the only true creator
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Answer #2 | 19/01 2014 06:01
A big scam by bandit Mohammed.
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Answer #3 | 19/01 2014 04:49
It is the only one true religion of GOD send for all mankind from the first till the last geneartion . Mohammad the last prophet of GOD is the best man ever born on this earth. Please see.
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Answer #4 | 19/01 2014 01:01
Christianity is truth..
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Answer #5 | 19/01 2014 04:22
Islam is the religion of peace,those who insult Islam are ignorant,I have one word to say to them,no no no I'm not going to insult you or burn you or blow you ,just one thing MAY GOD GUIDE YOU TO THE RIGHT PATH
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Anonymous387121 | 19/08 2019 06:42
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Answer #7 | 19/01 2014 01:11
Basically in the same category as all world religions except for unique Christianity. Islam's adherents believe they can somehow through mere human effort appease their god or gods. In Islam however it is a bit strange that given the holiness level they believe Allah is that they think after doing wrong things, which everyone does, good works could appease him. That would be like a criminal expecting to not face prison time because he did many good things after committing his crime No legal justice system would operate like that leaving justice unmet. Why would God be impressed by people doing good things when that is what He designed them for? It would be like a cellphone designer being amazed that his product worked as designed! All world religions have an unsure hope that somehow they might be able to appease theiir god or gods but in Christianity God did everything to appease Himself by meeting the demands of justice for them. it is foolish for someone to say, "Well God could just forgive everyone because if He is loving and merciful He would. Nothing could be further from the truth because JUSTICE CAN NEVER GO UNMET. Mercy just finds another way to meet the inescapable demands of justice. The cross of Christ did just that!!
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Answer #8 | 20/01 2014 01:38
Instead of looking Islam through Muslim alone, people should go through the Quran and the sayings of the prophet
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Answer #9 | 19/01 2014 02:51
Islam is a natural way of life that encourages one to give due attention to their relationship with God and His creation. Islam teaches that it is through the doing of good deeds and seeking the pleasure of God that souls find true happiness and peace. It is in this context that the word Islam derives from the root word “salam,” or peace.
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Answer #10 | 19/01 2014 01:48
That it is perfect answer and solution for Christian hatred. Christians actively denigrate other religions and they very people are used to denigrate other religions who were following them. But no Christian has ever dared to denigrate Islam in Islamic countries. All other religions also need to develop such intolerance of Christians like Muslims. Muslims need to proselytize native Americans and then claim Islam is native American religion. Yes. This is what Christians do. They first of try to proselytize native and indigenous people so as to claim that Christianity is native religion.
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Answer #11 | 19/01 2014 00:51
It's one of the Abrahamic religions.
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Answer #12 | 19/01 2014 00:57
Violence, intolerance, ignorance. Sorry. Not much more in favour of Christianity.
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Answer #13 | 19/01 2014 01:18
Spiritually, not much different from Judaism and Christianity. Same substance, just different packaging. Secularly, intolerant. Does not like outside influence to change their system in their own country, but insist other host countries must change their system for their benefit.
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Answer #14 | 19/01 2014 01:58
Islam is a peaceful religion. Some people claim themselves Muslims and do bad things. I don't understand why all Muslims get blamed just because only some did somethings unethical.
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Answer #15 | 19/01 2014 01:29
All those stupid,ignorance people above me insulting Islam are fi.lthy. Islam is a true peace religion.However SOME b(a)stard people make our religion look like an insane.
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Answer #16 | 19/01 2014 23:43
Islam and the Qur’an is a mere 1,400 year old badly re written version of the 2,000 year old Christian religion! Whilst imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery no imitation can ever be better than the original!
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Answer #17 | 19/01 2014 02:27
It is the undoing of much that Jesus taught us about God. It is a perversion of the concept of God.
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Answer #18 | 19/01 2014 01:33
abraham religion infection by arab culture
Positive: 40 %

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