What is wrong with my truck heater?

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  • What is wrong with my truck heater?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 12:30
Backflush the heater core.
Answer #2 | 26/12 2013 12:34
wait, so no air comes out when you turn the fan/heat on? that could be the Blower motor itself. thats easy to replace. However, if it is working but still blowing cold air even when you let it warm up, might be a thermostat. which is also easy to fix.
Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 12:30
heat will only work when car is warm
Answer #4 | 26/12 2013 13:02
#1. Make sure the radiator is filled to the top with 50% pure Dexcool Antifreeze and 50% distilled water. The plastic coolant recovery reservoir should be filled 3/4 full with the same mixture. #2. If the radiator and plastic reservoir was low, it's time to have an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test which will find any external or internal cooling system leaks. #3. Wish you had listed the coolant temperature on the dash after the engine had been running 15 minutes. If the radiator was full as well as the coolant recovery reservoir the next thhing to check is the heater control valve under the hood.
Answer #5 | 26/12 2013 15:29
Blender door is not opening maybe from a broken mount/swivel. You have to remove the dashboard to fix it.
Answer #6 | 27/12 2013 20:35
You need a new heater core. Fairly inexpensive and easy to replace
Answer #7 | 27/12 2013 19:53
It doesn't work.
Answer #8 | 26/12 2013 15:41
Thermostat stuck open - Blower motor or resistor is defected - Loose electrical connectors or burned up wire at the connectors for blower motor or resistor..

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