What is the value of a 1993 Buck 188 M9 bayonet?

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  • What is the value of a 1993 Buck 188 M9 bayonet?


Anonymous35136 | 22/05 2017 07:31
The value of the USMC Buck+ (1991) M9 Bayonet is between $190-$350 depending on condition (if it's been in active duty and not sharpened it's worth more to me!) and there were only 5000 in the production run...not all of them made it back from the fight either...So...when evaluating the value of the 1993 USMC Buck/ [i.e. part# 0188-MC-0] 350 in the production run and they were NOT in active duty only prototypes the 175 made Riveted and the 175 made threaded tang would probably be worth about the same...Here's the reasoning...many were destroyed in the testing so they didn't make it back either...AND only the FULL TANG were coveted among the marines...Based on guestimation about 90 of each remain and maybe a dozen of each version undamaged...If one is collecting them for rarity then upwards of $500 if one is collecting for functionality and Marine approval then the Full Tang version is worth much more than the threaded tangs. I own two of the 1991 (5000 made) USMC Buck+'s but have been looking for a few years to get my hands on a 1993 FULL TANG..Bottom line...the value is whatever the buyer wants to pay! If your asking about the M9 '188' stamped ricasso's then those ones are only worth
Anonymous35136 | 22/05 2017 07:34

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