What is the typical price of a double vodka in pubs and clubs in the UK?

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  • What is the typical price of a double vodka in pubs and clubs in the UK?


Answer #1 | 04/12 2012 23:48
Once we got into the club we purchased a double vodka and red-bull which costs £15.72 (which is stupidly pricey in my opinion, but you expect that when you're in Mayfair/London). Then we got a bottle of Veuve champagne which my friend got and sat in the VIP with the promoter and a bunch of his very attractive friends. About 1 hour into the night he whispered to me saying that i was allowed to be here in the VIP but my friend wasn't due to him not being as attractive. (The VIP list is full of attractive people obviously to make it look better and for show) I persuaded him to let him in and he accepted. After this the whole night was incredible, we had four bottles of Dom Perignon brought to our table which the promoters had purchased, and which we were allowed to drink too (even though we didn't pay they still let us drink the expensive drinks on the table) so we were both very pleased. All in all the club is amazing in my opinion, it's decor is very Chic and glamourous. The only thing i would say is that if you do go here make sure you bring a lot of money as the drinks plus door price is very high, obviously being a very prestigious club in the heart of Mayfair. - Thank you for reading.

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