What is the purpose of life?

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  • What is the purpose of life?


Answer #1 | 06/07 2006 09:56
Answer #2 | 06/07 2006 09:58
Hmmmmmmmmm? Cheese!!! Oh i'm sorry was that a serious question??? then I'd have to say cheddar!!!
Answer #3 | 06/07 2006 09:57
You sure have a point there!.. and thank you for sharing this question with us. Oh by the way, please take a good care of yourself. Have a nice day!
Answer #4 | 06/07 2006 09:57
HOw would I know........ May be die someday. I am 98 and still searching.... But now I am rather thinking of wat teh purpose of death.......?
Answer #5 | 06/07 2006 09:57
health and money
Answer #6 | 06/07 2006 09:57
Jordan1call says To worship GOD
Answer #7 | 06/07 2006 09:59
to live
Answer #8 | 06/07 2006 09:59
To do everything you wanted to do in your lifetime!
Answer #9 | 06/07 2006 10:08
To realize why we are here, we are here because God created us, then sin happened and we are living in a cursed world under the devil if we choose to continue living in sin, God wants us to come to Christ and live in a Christian way and to help our fellow brothers and sister realize this, we should accept the Lord into our lives and ask forgiveness for our sins and repent, and accept Jesus Christ as our saviour, so that we may go on to an eternal life in a perfect kingdom with all who are saved by Jesus Christ.
Answer #10 | 17/07 2006 14:00
God made us to glorify him. Sounds Cheesy but it's backed up! If you are really serious you should check the Bible
Answer #11 | 06/07 2006 10:04
I asked that question some time back. Without pulling answers from religion (which would be able to give you excellent answers), think about the last time when you were truly happy and fulfilled. If you examined the event closely, you will probably noticed that the focus is not on self. When I start to focus on getting what I want, that is when I found that I begin to lose the focus on my purpose in life. Enjoy the things around you. enjoy your family and friends, enjoy nature and enjoy being yourself. Try doing something good to someone who can never repay you back. The feeling that you get from this act will help you find the purpose of life.
Answer #12 | 06/07 2006 10:04
To Love, To be Loved, To Care, To be Cared, To Share, To Cry, To Laugh......many more!
Answer #13 | 06/07 2006 09:59
I don't know if we have a purpose,but we are here and we may as well have some fun!
Answer #14 | 06/07 2006 10:00
Make money be happy and live life to the fullest.

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