what is the meaning of raising middle finger ?

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  • what is the meaning of raising middle finger ?


Answer #1 | 19/03 2008 00:11
it means F**K you
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Answer #2 | 19/03 2008 00:15
It all dates back to the medieval times during the wars between the French and the English. The English had long bowman, which were feared by the French. When the French would capture an English long bowman, they would cut off his index and middle fingers so that should he escape or be released to Britain, he would not be able to use a long bow. The French then started raising their index and middle fingers at the English as a sign of disrepsect, in the sense of what they would do to their archers. They still use both fingers in the UK, but as it moved to North America, the index finger was dropped from the sign and only the middle finger kept.
Answer #3 | 19/03 2008 00:11
It is the same thing as biting your thumb at someone in europe, or a more mean form of holding up your middle and pointer finger (american peace sign). Basically, F-you
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Answer #4 | 19/03 2008 00:11
well.. its an insult.. meaning f*** you
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Answer #5 | 19/03 2008 00:16
If I remember correctly... The English and French were at war. The English used Longbows, which were plucked to shoot an arrow. When the French captured English soldiers, the French would cut off the english soldiers' middle fingers, which made it virtually imposible to fire the longbow. In battle, when the English made the French retreat, or just to taunt them, the English would raise their middle fingers at the French to show them that they still had their middle fingers. That's where it originated. Over time it has taken on the meaning of F.U.
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Answer #6 | 19/03 2008 00:40
This link will tell explain it all!!
Anonymous12204 | 02/06 2017 13:29
I don't know
Answer #8 | 19/03 2008 17:48
an insult
Answer #9 | 19/03 2008 07:09
the last time somebody gave me the "BIRD" they were giving me their angst towards know F**K You.
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