what is the main factor for loosing the skins elasticity?

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  • what is the main factor for loosing the skins elasticity?


Answer #1 | 24/06 2006 01:24
age and sun damage
Answer #2 | 24/06 2006 01:24
usually age or dehydration
Answer #3 | 24/06 2006 01:24
Have a look here.
Answer #4 | 24/06 2006 01:30
Sun damage usually does the most damage. Smoking cigarettes has also been shown to cause loss in elasticity.
Answer #5 | 24/06 2006 10:25
old age
Answer #6 | 29/06 2006 03:29
Not enough fluid , you need to drink small amounts of water throughout the day , imagine counting the steps you walk in a month and add it up , when you see the total amount , you tell yourself you couldn't do such a distance . Drinking water , a sip at a time , throughout the day , everyday , as well as a good normal healthy diet , is the answer i think .
Answer #7 | 25/06 2006 12:23
wear and tear baby
Answer #8 | 24/06 2006 20:39
It is not simply because you live for however many years you live. It is what happens in that time. Many people treat their bodies badly. Hydration inside and out is key. This means avoiding parabens, petroleum products, and even overuse of oil. Obviously, water has a lot to do with it as well. When you fail to excercise or lead an active life, your muscles can no longer help to hold the flesh together. When you eat toxic things such as roots, and all sorts of animal protein (excluding fish) you are doing you skin and body a huge disservice by giving it too little nutrients, too late. Inevitably, we will all come into contact with pollution, but boosting collagen such as eating good-fat-rich foods like fish, avocadoes, nuts and even olives, and water content (even fruit and pure juice counts!) will leave us better off than if we do nothing at all.

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