What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?

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  • What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?


Anonymous381653 | 10/08 2017 14:30
So , a group of scientists were standing by the water fountain at the office one day, discussing their joy at their ability to clone. One of the fellows was so bold he announced he would challenge God to a creation duel . God came down and agreed to the challenge . The challenge was to create a new planet. Excitedly , the scientist rushed outside to grab a handful of dirt to clone a new planet ! But God stopped him , saying gently , oh no , go get your own dirt!
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Anonymous98928 | 20/06 2017 05:45
Scientists were standing by the office water cooler ,gossiping happily and profoundly because they had successfully cloned life ! One bold one decided he would challenge God to create a world ! God agreed to this challenge ! As the scientist bent to the earth to gather dirt to create a world , God said , NO ! Go get your own dirt!!!!
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Anonymous159312 | 16/10 2018 01:46
Several scientists standing by the water fountain in the office were feeling pretty special and brilliant after they had successfully cloned a sheep. One particularly self centered scientist announced rather brazenly that he would love to challenge God to a contest of creation of a new planet. God , always listening , said " Yes. I agree to your challenge !" The scientist very excitedly ran outside to gather dirt to use for cloning a new planet . God , however , said " No, go make your own dirt from scratch just as I did . "
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Anonymous314331 | 16/10 2018 01:49
I just heard it at my office last week. It must be old . But it is still the funniest one I have ever heard !
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