what is the difference of buying a house from a real estate company and a regular seller.?

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  • what is the difference of buying a house from a real estate company and a regular seller.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 21:47
From the buyers point of view, there is absolutely no difference. I think you are confusing buying from a real estate company with a seller simply using a real estate agent to market their property. The agent is a professional in real estate who not only effectively finds qualified buyers for the property, but protects the seller from getting into any legal trouble during the transaction. As the buyer, you can and should be represented by your own real estate agent to help you find the right property and guide you through the process protecting your interests from the seller including but not limited to help determining actual value apart from the sellers asking price to prevent you from paying too much. The mistake many buyers make is having the sellers agent represent both buyer and seller. That is when everything can get sticky and confused who is being best served. The bonus is that when you have your own agent and buy from a seller with their own agent, you don't have to pay your agent anything out of pocket, and get all of his/her services for free. This is due to an agreement made between all area realtors to share the commission paid by the seller. Buying a for sale by owner is most often simply the same thing without the guidance of a real estate agent. While often successful, many of these transactions do fail or end up in the court room simply because one side or the other doesn't understand the law. But for the most part for sale by owner properties have a much more difficult time finding a buyer in the first place.

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