What is the difference between "adapt" and "adopt"?

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  • What is the difference between "adapt" and "adopt"?


Answer #1 | 11/01 2017 15:08
The middle letter. Maybe you didn't notice, but one's an A; the other, an O. They have different definitions, too, but that seems a little over your head, so let's just stick to basics.
Answer #2 | 11/01 2017 14:17
Adapt is to change something to suit a new or different purpose. Adopt is take on, implement or accept ownership of something. So we adapt (change) a process to make it work better. We adopt (implement) the adapted process to get the better results
Answer #3 | 11/01 2017 14:27
Adapt means change in response to a condition, ideally to improve the consequences of that condition for the self. Adopt means to accept as your own.
Answer #4 | 11/01 2017 14:13
I am not 100% sure but adopt means when you or a system changes by taking something from the outside. Adapt is when you or a system changes from the inside without any external input.
Answer #5 | 11/01 2017 14:05
Adapt means to change, and adopt means to take something or someone as your own, like a child or an animal.
Answer #6 | 16/01 2017 07:53
Adapt is to get used to something that is already there - a change has already been made and you need to change in order to fit the new change. Adopt is to bring in something new - make a change.
Answer #7 | 11/01 2017 17:28
ADAPT means you change yourself to fit in. The object of the change is you. I didn't like the food in Korea, but then I adapted and started eating kimchee. They adapted to their new country by learning English. ADOPT means you take something/someone else in. Grammatically, the object of adopt is a person (we adopted the baby) or a custom (we adopted the custom of taking off our shoes in the house).

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