what is the best way to reach Heaven?

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  • what is the best way to reach Heaven?


Answer #1 | 13/05 2006 01:59
Be good
Answer #2 | 13/05 2006 02:03
Be a good person. Live life the best way you can. Pray and praise God and do what you know is right. Even if you don't believe tha the 10 commandments were from God Himself, you can't go wrong by living by the words written... They are good principles for christians and non christian, jews, atheists, whatever....
Answer #3 | 13/05 2006 02:04
There`s only one way to get into Heaven, and that`s through Jesus Christ, who loves us...invite Him into your heart. :)
Answer #4 | 13/05 2006 02:05
the best way to reach heaven is to die...but before that be good to yourself and then to others.
Answer #5 | 13/05 2006 02:01
do good deeds in life.
Answer #6 | 13/05 2006 02:01
ask your god
Answer #7 | 13/05 2006 01:59
simply be good by following the sayings of the Divine !!! :-)
Answer #8 | 13/05 2006 02:00
Search for it
Answer #9 | 13/05 2006 02:00
Besides death? To be a nice person and communicate with such people would surely get you to Heaven
Answer #10 | 13/05 2006 02:07
if u are a good guy then kill yourself.
Answer #11 | 13/05 2006 02:08
A reeeeeaaally tall ladder.
Answer #12 | 13/05 2006 07:30
live n let other to live
Answer #13 | 15/05 2006 01:52
you will have to die
Answer #14 | 16/05 2006 05:54
if u like to go to heaven do every thing which is good for other an d an d for u.
Answer #15 | 13/05 2006 05:55
clean up all mess, then leave home.
Answer #16 | 13/05 2006 04:41
Believe in Jesus Christ and that he is the son of God, repent of your sins and be baptised.....basically read the word of God and do what Jesus said to do...He has not made it hard except to those who treasure themselves over Him who made us.
Answer #17 | 13/05 2006 02:08
Hang a left at purgatory.
Answer #18 | 13/05 2006 02:56
I am very holy myself but I disagree with SweetCherry's comment because every religion is like a road or a highway to heaven. It is not that that somebody HAS TO follow a single religion to reach heaven. I am glad to see somebody asking this question because I hardly see people who seem to be interested in these things today.Just have faith in GOD and understand that there is a purpose why He has sent to to this world. Be very practical, be true to others but most importantly be true to yourself!! Last but not the least be very practical in life and keep your fingers crossed, you will be welcomed to heaven when you've served your purpose and you go to "there" after you die.
Answer #19 | 13/05 2006 04:37
go and get drunked u will find ur self in heaven with me

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