What is the best boy band in korea?

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  • What is the best boy band in korea?


Answer #1 | 10/05 2014 14:27
it is a sign of impending transformation into an ostrich. good luck and be lovely so you'll be amazing
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Answer #2 | 11/05 2014 15:17
Tell them to stop making fun of you or try to ignore them
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Answer #3 | 10/05 2014 14:36
When a quote is too long to fit in the body of the text, you use a colon then skip a line and start a new paragraph. The "quote" pragraph should be narrower than the rest of the text in order to identify it as a quote.
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Answer #4 | 10/05 2014 14:08
I am worry that I am not being myself, not achieving my goals, perhaps, i dont even know if the goals are right for me. I'm still figuring out because it's important.
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Answer #5 | 14/05 2014 00:35
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Answer #6 | 11/05 2014 00:39
It's not. Before we make assumptions about what is an isn't considered true in astrology, we need to check it out. The idea of generational planets applies only to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto because they take so long to travel through a sign. Jupiter takes about a year, so everyone born within a particular 12 month period will have Jupiter in the same sign. This would be significant if planets in signs were all we cared about. Saturn spends about 2.5 years in a sign so everyone born within that time has Saturn in the same sign. Uranus takes about 7 years to transit a sign, Neptune spends about 13 years in one sign. Again planets in signs are only part of the picture. Pluto though is a bit more problematic in natal astrology. The size and irregularity of its orbit means there can be a drastic difference in the time it takes to transit a sign. Pluto was in Leo for about 20 years. It was in Scorpio for about one-third that time. If we have to use "generational planets," and we don't, they should probably be limited to mundane astrology where it might make more sense or have some bearing on long term predictions. If some astrologers think the outer three are absolutely necessary for natal delineation, then limit that to the house they occupy in the natal chart. On a personal note, I don't think they contribute enough to bother with.
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Answer #7 | 10/05 2014 14:38
1. They stare at you and either quickly look away or keep staring when you look at them. 2.When you go past her and her friends they all giggle(that means she told them). 3.She flirts with you or is shy around you.
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Answer #8 | 11/05 2014 16:59
#10: F.T. Island Debut: 2007 Entertainment Label: Mnet Media Number of Members: 5 Members: Choi Jong-hoon, Lee Hongki, Lee Jae jin, Song Seung-hyun, and Choi Min-hwan. Studio Albums: 4 Korean, 3 Japanese Fun Fact: "F.T. Island" is short for "Five Treasure Island."
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Answer #9 | 10/05 2014 14:13
I'm thinking on it. Ok to the best of my knowledge i dont have any right now. You come back in a week i might have one or two.
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Answer #10 | 10/05 2014 15:07
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Answer #11 | 10/05 2014 14:16
I would try not to as thats a nice dress wish I had that lol would start a food fight though.
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Answer #12 | 10/05 2014 14:47
yes I think it does
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Answer #13 | 10/05 2014 14:48
Going into work on Monday, I hate the job! Also not doing the things I want to do, achieving the goals I want, I'm going to turn my life around very soon, I'm not one for watching my only life go by me, I want to live a great life and see the world.
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Answer #14 | 10/05 2014 22:07
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Answer #15 | 10/05 2014 15:06
My health and weight.
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Answer #16 | 10/05 2014 14:31
To me someone who is passive aggressive is not upfront about what bother them but at the same time makes it obvious that something is bothering them while avoiding confrontation.
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Answer #17 | 10/05 2014 14:30
someone who is narrow mind with stressful. Maybe u should add more detail for good answer no-one could understand why U ask it.
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Answer #18 | 10/05 2014 14:18
just my health its been bad for a few weeks now somehow i beat this cold without medication this time , but the pain issues are worse and the pain in my right side has changed some its a different intensity and deeper than normal called my hematologist we be making an appointment and looking into it shortly , sounds like a liver biopsy is in my future and he suggest i not put it off like a sometimes do if it pases and seems better.
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Answer #19 | 10/05 2014 14:15
Why would you want someone to do that? The outfit is cute.
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Answer #20 | 10/05 2014 14:37
Pretty hard question to answer. it depends really.. I heard that it's really vital to work during college in order to get experience. when there's two of you applying to a job, the employer would rather pick the student who's worked throughout his university studies. Or maybe , maybe if you attained a first class degree (highest ranking in a degree) compared to someone with like a third class degree and a slight experience then that employer would choose you (the person with the first class degree) as it shows you've got a high-depth knowledge in your field of study. So it depends basically. If you believe you can attain a high ranking degree even while working, then go for it. If you believe the work is taking too much of your work time, then focus on your studies. Again remember, this is my opinion. At the end of the day its up to you buddy. Hope you pick the right choice.
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Answer #21 | 10/05 2014 15:01
at, really easy to but !
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Answer #22 | 10/05 2014 14:49
the dress is gorgeous but the cardigan ruins it. i think you should take it off :) i wouldnt wanna ruin your out fit thats mean
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Answer #23 | 10/05 2014 14:18
Now tell me how are dark circles related to loving pegions? It's like saying i have white hair and now i only love bacon. WTF!
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Answer #24 | 11/05 2014 00:41
it stays for one year, that is already generational, also it is the first planet after the asteroid belt (outer planets)
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Answer #25 | 11/05 2014 16:11
Yes most defiantly! Answer mine pleas?
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Answer #26 | 10/05 2014 22:17
It is? I thought Jup and Sat were in-betweeners, I gurantee you that in reality they are, they're neither a monthly or daily event, they're a yearly and 2.5 yearly event, so you feel their effects not quite often, but still enough for a close relationship throughout your life. You're feel Jupiter at age 11, 22, etc....Saturn at 29, but you might also feel Saturn's squares at 7, 14, 21, etc....they usually represent a new phase of responsibility, in school, puberty, coming of age...
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Answer #27 | 10/05 2014 14:17
Maybe loving pideons to much is the cause of the dark circles under your eyes they aint keeping you up are they at night?
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Answer #28 | 10/05 2014 15:49
Are you the same person who asked the Do you like pigeons? If not.... Awkward moment Put some coverup over eye circles Continue to love pigeons! Pigeons are awesome
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Answer #29 | 10/05 2014 15:05
facts refers to observable reality. if you want your idea to be considered as having a basis in reality, it is helpful to provide proof using real things. anything can be imagined, but only some of those imaginings reflect reality. If you don't care whether anyone accepts your ideas as having any real meaning, you don't need to provide support from reality.
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Answer #30 | 10/05 2014 15:38
It entirely depends on you how you take time and manage your work and studies simultaneously. If you can't manage both then you should quit any one of these according to your priority. But I would suggest, to concentrate on education first if you can't continue both at this time. All the best!!
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Answer #31 | 11/05 2014 15:44
The VR_S series was introduced for 2012. Here is a January 2012 as a new release.
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Answer #32 | 10/05 2014 21:13
Im pretty sure he is 20.
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Answer #33 | 10/05 2014 18:58
Because we can. What other reason could we possibly need?
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Answer #34 | 11/05 2014 01:14
Jupiter is in a sign for one year and if you know any school teachers, especially for younger children, ask them if the children vary from year to year, (as a collective generally) and I'm sure you'll find they notice subtle differences between the different years. That "may" be the Jupiter affect.
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Answer #35 | 10/05 2014 14:21
PPl the world get fake . Work.many things I feel worry for my self and the world.
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Answer #36 | 10/05 2014 15:34
In practical terms, it's somebody who won't deal with conflict openly, but does it indirectly, through behaviour that they can't be called out on, such as being obstructively incompetent. For example: I ask to paint a door in exchange for some major favour I did them, and X doesn't want to do it. A normally assertive person would tell me so. A passive-aggressive person would say they'll do it, but take a fortnight before they can find time in their very busy schedule to start, paint the door badly so I have to do it again myself, drip paint all over the carpet, let the brushes dry out uncleaned so that they have to be thrown away, etc etc - and then whine to me, when I complain, that they did it to the best of their ability.
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Answer #37 | 10/05 2014 21:08
he is
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Answer #38 | 10/05 2014 15:24
Apart from the obvious already mentioned, either for fashion or comfort I would say
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Answer #39 | 10/05 2014 15:05
you should do what would be easier for you, but still achieve your goals. which weighs more to ou, if your finishing your schooling matters more, then focus on it, and think of working later.. then again, if you can manage to do both, without sacrificing the other, and still achieve your goals, then go for it!!
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Answer #40 | 10/05 2014 15:34
Hedge clippers to make his life as a maze runner way easier.
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Answer #41 | 10/05 2014 15:09
It really depends on what sort of job it is. If it's something anyone can get at any time (fast food, supermarket checkout, etc.) then I'd say quit the job, devote your first year entirely to your studies, and if you get the grades you want with a decent amount of spare time, then start working again part-time during your second year. If it's a pretty good job that you'd have trouble finding again, then don't quit. Go to college part-time at night (or whenever you're not working); start with just one or two classes per semester first year. Then, if you feel you are getting the grades you want with plenty of spare time, you can add additional classes your second year.
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Answer #42 | 10/05 2014 15:54
tog get attention and to show off, attract someone capable of satisfying their needs or just get layed
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Answer #43 | 10/05 2014 15:26
A passive aggressive person will not confront anyone directly, yet specializes in "getting even". This is accomplished by subtle means of sabotage and destruction of morale. If a passive aggressive person is angry with you, expect to be "stabbed in the back" in various ways. - .--
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Answer #44 | 10/05 2014 14:46
You could consider 1. Choose the site/service you want to view. example, (others are available) 2. View the products on the site 3. If you want to purchase open an online account 4. The system will guide you through your registration details, location, address, type of billing payment, delivery address and so on, and you will be asked to set up an account password. 5. Keep your password in a safe place (for future logins for purchase) You can also use Shine @ Yahoo or for trending and blogs on the subject. Try EBay, getting started.
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Answer #45 | 10/05 2014 14:09
None I worry only for my health
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Answer #46 | 10/05 2014 14:09
exaaaamsss x_x
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Answer #47 | 11/05 2014 03:52
are outer planets generational or personal Moderators comment on Trad V modern thread
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Answer #48 | 10/05 2014 14:52
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Answer #49 | 10/05 2014 15:17
it basically depends on how u take it.... According to me just scoring good marks in academics cannot make u knowledgeable...infact gaining practical knoledge and exposure will help u out for future carrier..... personality matters and not the marks wen u go for an interview.." best of luck
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Answer #50 | 10/05 2014 14:12
My brother might not have enough credits to graduatw My older sister is pregnnt and doesnt know who the dad is I might miss my best friends weddding(my two best friends are getting marriedto each other) I cant find a job I ave been developig odd cysts everywhere and am going to the dr soon My mom has been exuberantly sick So has another fried of mine
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