What is summary of ranji's wonderful bat by ruskin bond?

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  • What is summary of ranji's wonderful bat by ruskin bond?


Anonymous93536 | 04/09 2016 18:06
This story is very attratctive.Ranji is innocent, ethusiastic child who loves to play cricket.His dedication toward his game and dream of proving his worth sets him to work hard and achieve what he wants.Ranji goes to play cricket and he wons the match allmost all but one day he lost the match.His coch and his team members shouted at him.He is very upset and going toward his home.In his way home a shop is there of Mr kumar.Mr kumar saw that ranji is very upset ,he call him and ask him that-Why are you looking very upset.ranji says that he lost the match.Mr kumar took him at the back of his shop and gave him a bat by saying that-''This is one of the bat I made a lot of run.ranji took that bat and he his very happy.After that day he played many match and he won.One day he lost that bat.And he gone to mr kumar and told him that he lost the bat that mr kumar gave him.and start crying.Mr kumar say that thebat have no magic.I only increased your confidence .

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