What is "stay strong" in Gaelic?

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  • What is "stay strong" in Gaelic?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 13:02
What kind of Gaelic? Scottish? Irish? Manx? Gaelic refers to a family of languages which are all similar but not the same. Once you decide, go and ask in the Scotland or Ireland sections. They're more likely to be frequented by people who actually speak those languages, the people here would just use Google Translate. I don't know where you'd find a translation in Manx. And make sure you get a second opinion, I know Irish doesn't tend to translate into English very well- particularly abstract concepts- and often ends up with a different meaning and/or in clunky, awkward sentences. I doubt you'll get that as neat and concise as it is in English, it'll probably end up at least twice as long. Possibly too long to go on your foot. In Irish, you'd have to end with "i gcónaí" which means always, but there's not really another way to say "stay" on it's own. The rest of the sentence depends on whether you're talking to one person or more than one person, and if you mean physical strength or more of a resilience/truthfulness. There isn't really room for ambiguity in this language. I don't speak Scottish Gaelic but from what I know it's quite similar.
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