what is special about the town you live in?

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  • what is special about the town you live in?


Answer #1 | 12/10 2006 22:33
Nottingham , Gun capital of the UK , Jewel of the Midlands.
Answer #2 | 12/10 2006 22:39
Pittsburgh, Pa. Steel mills in this area accounted for majority of steel used in US & world last century. Many battles were won here as we gained our independance from the british.
Answer #3 | 12/10 2006 22:39
Answer #4 | 12/10 2006 22:38
Sydney.I catch a ferry to work from a place called Parramatta.It has a great harbour.
Answer #5 | 12/10 2006 22:38
I live in Waco, the Dr. who invented Dr. Pepper was from here and invented it here. I guess that's pretty much the way I don't really like Dr.Pepper, but the museum is allright.
Answer #6 | 12/10 2006 22:39
My town was the first to abandon the Metric System.
Answer #7 | 12/10 2006 22:39
its beautiful and its right next to the ocean. you can see the beautiful waves crashing in on the beach. theres this park that is so has a memorial of who died on Oahu during Pearl Harbor, and it has a huge tree and steps and a paved walkway thats got names craved into it. Its the best place do sit and just take pictures or talk. i like to watch the plays when they are there. its beautiful...Hilo Hawaii (Big Island)
Answer #8 | 13/10 2006 03:41
I'm from Caerphilly in Sth Wales, we have a world famous cheese and have the 2nd biggest castle in Europe (the biggest being Windsor).
Answer #9 | 13/10 2006 02:41
nothing too special..unless you enjoy a lot of nosy and bored retirees.
Answer #10 | 12/10 2006 23:11
all this is so great about the pace i live i love bedford :) MJ
Answer #11 | 12/10 2006 22:57
Hi Chrissy My town is Nicosia, Cyprus. Its the only capital in the world which is divided in two countries. It has most beautiful parks, clubs and churches. Basically its a industrial city and as its an island, the sea is just on a half hour drive. In 40 minz you are in Ayia Napa, the place full of increadible natural beauty and clubs and for me this is the most beautiful place in this world. take care

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