What is so intriguing about eating tacos... on a Tuesday?

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  • What is so intriguing about eating tacos... on a Tuesday?


Answer #1 | 29/04 2014 17:42
its something different
Answer #2 | 29/04 2014 17:45
Maybe because Taco Tuesday is an old restaurant catch phrase. Been called that for many years. Many places may sell tacos at a nice discount to get people in on those early weekdays. Heck, I can eat them any old day of the week. I love tacos.
Answer #3 | 29/04 2014 17:44
Clearly, SF, you have never tried it. Tuesday is a slow day in the restaurant business, so when you can offer a deal, and all kinds of interesting people will show up - you just HAVE to be intrigued!!!
Answer #4 | 29/04 2014 18:53
Because it's not ''Tuesday food''. Tacos is more of a Wednesday thing. Simples...
Answer #5 | 29/04 2014 17:56
nothing really. i assume they call it taco tuesdays mainly because taco's and tuesday start with T's so it's some what catchy. unlike if you call it taco fridays or even taco thursdays sound a little weird imo. ontop of that usually the begining of the week are the slow days for a resturant so they use discounted items to bring in people in hopes theybuy a lot or other products as well. discounted items such as say taco's on tuesdays for idk $2-3 isn't very cheap at all the store still needs to cover their costs so more then likely the price is actually inflated. it's a scicology thing really. like when you see 2 for $5 or 1 for $2.99. most would pay the $5 fee.
Answer #6 | 01/05 2014 06:15
Tad Dubious got it. It's mostly a marketing technique to bring in business on a relatively slow day.
Answer #7 | 29/04 2014 19:16
Tuesday and Tacos both start with "T". That's what's intriguing

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