what is it really like to grow old?

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  • what is it really like to grow old?


Answer #1 | 31/03 2009 16:22
hopefully you'lll find out! every year, you're getting older, never seem to find the time?
Answer #2 | 31/03 2009 16:28
Every year you get older right? Do you feel any different? As we age we have certain aches and pains, some don't depends on your genetic makeup. Hope you live a good healthy long life and then you will know. It's not all that bad! Let's just say that when your 30 or 40 you can't really do what you did when you were 20!! CUTE!!!
Answer #3 | 31/03 2009 16:26
I depends on what your definition of old is, I'm 67 so for the thirteen and fourteen year old they probably consider me to be old. But in my brain and in my heart I'm still twenty. The advantage i have though is having experienced a lot of life's ups and downs I am now calmer and happier than I've ever been, I appreciate all the good things in life and wake up every morning with not a worry in the world, looking forward to seeing a bright new day. The only down side is the old joints don't work as well as they used to, a small price to pay for the inner calm and serenity I feel inside.
Answer #4 | 31/03 2009 16:29
There is a saying that you are as old as you feel.I am 50 but still mess about and like to have fun like anyone.The only thing i dont like about getting older is the fact that your body likes to let you know sometimes that things arent what they use to be like when you fall to sleep more than you use to or cant chase your 16 year old with your slipper anymore lol.Life is what you make it so keep young and you will stay young.
Answer #5 | 31/03 2009 16:40
ummm well u get wrinkles u cannot walk dat much u hav to use a cane and den later on u die
Answer #6 | 02/04 2009 12:48
wasteful time you have spend with your life. Time goes by and you have done anything good for your life, family, future. Grow old is much different then grow up.
Answer #7 | 02/04 2009 05:05
There's no possible way for a child to know that. Other than asking Ashwin Gadiyar of course.
Answer #8 | 01/04 2009 11:03
Well, I hope you will find out.. Mainly aches and pains....then your gums start to bleed,(around 50) you manage to get piles (around50 to60) when you kneel down, you defo need help getting up ( this 58 to 62) some mornings, you have to get out of bed on all fours, because you have maybe done a little too much gardening the day before, ( a good soak in a bath in totally outta the question, as you may not manage to get out ) your sence of smell, hearing and eyesight all diminish after about 63..and this is where I am now....

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