WHAT is going on with my car!!?

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  • WHAT is going on with my car!!?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:21
Here is a small checklist of what I would do with the problems you are experiencing, first I would pull all my spark plugs and look at the color they are burning, a light brown would be what you are looking for, and they should all be the same color, if one or two looks like brand new with no color at all write down the cylinder. Check the color of your transmission fluid, too much oil can blow a seal in a vacuum line and the oil will pull into the intake and cause the white smoke and will cause transmission problems also. Check the color of the oil in the engine, it should not look like a chocolate milkshake. How does the truck accelerate? Is there hesitation, or slow getting up to speed? Is the truck losing any coolant? Let the truck idle until it gets to operating temp with the cap off, when the thermostat opens up you will see the coolant moving, use a flashlight and see if there is any continuous stream of bubbles in the fluid. Any combination of positive results to these tests could tell me your problem. Give me an e-mail if you find anything and we'll go from there.
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