what is fior di latte ?

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  • what is fior di latte ?


Answer #1 | 11/07 2006 10:39
fior di latte is a type of mozzarella, but also (since it means milk's flower) an ice cream taste, more or less like milk/vanilla icecream . ''When I first traveled to Italy in the early 1960's and tasted fresh mozzarella I couldn't quite decide what I was eating. It was so soft and moist, very bland and milky tasting, almost spongy and ooozing with milk. It was often served with tomatoes in a salad. When I was told it was made from "buffalo milk", I couldn't imagine what Wild Bill Cody and his buffalos could possibly have to do with this delicious dish! Later I learned that the some of this fresh mozzarella was made from the milk of water buffalos and it was called "Buffalo Mozzarella" and some was made from cow's milk and it was called "Fior di Latte"! Whenever I travelled to Italy I would enjoy fresh mozzarella and tomato salads.'' check out that site
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Answer #2 | 11/07 2006 05:37
Mozzarella is a generic term for the several kinds of Italian fresh cheese that are made using spinning and then cutting (hence the name: the Italian verb mozzare actually means to cut): mozzarella di latte di bufala made from unpasteurized water buffalo's milk; mozzarella di bufala campana made only from Campania's buffalo milk; mozzarella fior di latte made from fresh pasteurized or unpasteurized cow's milk; and mozzarella made from mixtures, sometimes smoked, and those stored in preservatives. Fresh mozzarella is usually served alone the day it is made as it does not keep beyond 12 or 24 hours. Mozzarella of several kinds are also used for most types of pizza (more compact lower water content kinds) or served with sliced tomatoes and basil in Insalata caprese (ideally fresh di bufala).

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