What is a safe acne treatment?

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  • What is a safe acne treatment?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 21:57
Benzoyl peroxide- to slap those p. acne bactoperia, the main cause of acne. Clindamycin- anti-imflammatory efffect, best result if is used with benzoyl peroxide to decrease the chance of the bacteria to "resist" the medicine. Beta Hydroxy Acid- helps breakdown the outmost layer of the skin (it's called epidermis, I believe), to unclog pores and "revitalize" youthful complexion. Low concentration should do the work. Alpha hydroxic acids- lactic acid, glycolic, similar effects with bha. Also some differences that you might have to do some extended research on them. Better be discussing the issue if your condition is very bad. If not, try some homemade remedies: honey, lime, lemon, yogurt should help. Don't forget to moisterize and use sunscreen (with the right amount) on a daily basis. Don't stress and don't do anything that will mess up your hormone system, especially if you're female, because it might be hormonal. And give youself proper sleep. 6-8 hours everyday if you can, you will notice significant changes in no time. Stay hydrated so you can go out fresh and happy. :)
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 00:48
Try Boots Expert Anti Blemish. I have been using this stuff and it works wonders! It takes about four weeks to begin working though. After two weeks of using this product you will most likely break out for a couple of days but don't worry. This is the product bringing out all of the dirt under your skin and cleansing it. You must go through this stage or nothing will work for your skin, in about four to six weeks you will see a drastic improvement! Also, if it does not work for you within four to six weeks you can return it. This product does not contain benzoyl peroxide. I purchased mine at Walgreens. Boots new to the U.S, originally in Britain and their products are high in demand in the U.K. If you purchase the kit above, firs,t use the cleansing foam every night for the first week, after that use it every morning and night. Then use the serum every morning and night. Use the mask twice a week. Before using the products wash your face first then begin.
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